Meld Value
Five 50
One 100
Three Ones 750
Three Twos 200
Three Threes 300
Three Fours 400
Three Fives 500
Three Sixes 600
Four of a Kind 1000
Five of a Kind 2000
Six of a Kind 3000
Straight (1-6) 1500
Three Pairs 1500

How to Play

Farkle is a dice game played with 6 dice. You may roll the dice as many times as you want, but you must get a scoring die each roll. If you roll without getting a scoring die, than your score is forfeited and you end your turn. Select roll to start your turn, then select each die to toggle it on and off. If the dice is on, the dice score is counted, if not, then the dice will not count and will be saved for the next roll. If you have an activated dice which does not contribute to the score, then the roll button will deactivate. You must turn off all non contributing dice to be able to roll again. Learn more about how to play.


Farkle, a popular and engaging dice game, captivates players with its blend of luck and strategy. Known for its simple rules and fast-paced gameplay, Farkle is enjoyed by people of all ages, making it a staple in family game nights and social gatherings. However, what truly sets Farkle apart is the array of exciting variations and strategic approaches that can be incorporated to enhance the game. Whether you're a newcomer eager to explore different ways to play or a seasoned player looking to refine your tactics, understanding these variations and strategies can significantly elevate your Farkle experience. Variations in Farkle introduce new twists and challenges, keeping the game fresh and intriguing. From alternate scoring systems and special rules to unique game modes, these variations offer endless possibilities for customization and fun. For instance, some variations might include special dice combinations that yield bonus points, or new rules for rolling and banking points that add layers of complexity to the game. On the strategic front, mastering Farkle involves more than just rolling the dice. Advanced players develop techniques to maximize points and minimize risks, carefully deciding when to take chances and when to play it safe. Strategies can range from basic approaches, such as consistently banking points early in the game, to more sophisticated tactics that involve calculating probabilities and anticipating opponents' moves. Click below to learn more about farkle!