Meld Value
Five 50
One 100
Three Ones 750
Three Twos 200
Three Threes 300
Three Fours 400
Three Fives 500
Three Sixes 600
Four of a Kind 1000
Five of a Kind 2000
Six of a Kind 3000
Straight (1-6) 1500
Three Pairs 1500

About Farkle

Farkle is a dice game played with six dice, where the objective is to score the highest number of points by rolling combinations of dice. Each player takes turns rolling all six dice and accumulating points based on the results of each roll. On each turn, the player must set aside at least one scoring die and can choose to roll the remaining dice to accumulate more points. If a player rolls no scoring dice, they "Farkle," losing all points earned during that turn. The player can choose to end their turn voluntarily and bank the accumulated points or continue rolling to try to score more points. If a player successfully sets aside all six dice in a single turn (known as "hot dice"), they can choose to roll all six dice again for another turn. The first player to reach or exceed a predetermined point threshold, usually 10,000 points, wins the game.

How to Play

Click the new game button to get started. There, you can set the amount of players, the names of the players, and automate players. Next, enter in the winning amount and start playing. Roll the dice to earn points with the meld values. Have Fun!